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Does anyone know anything about I.R.M.I. Films, an outfit that operated in San Francisco from the mid-1960s at least into the early 1970s? They were located at 350 Turk Street and produced and distributed exploitation films. Evidently they imported some from Europe, but they also shot several in the Bay Area including The Tarts (1965), The Evil Pleasure (1966), and Oddo (1967). A fellow named Joe Davis directed a few of their films. Any information about who was behind the company, or a line on any of the principals or on Joe Davis would be greatly appreciated. I'd also like to locate copies of the films, if possible, as well. Many thanks.

Eric Schaefer, Associate Professor, Department of Visual and Media Arts, Emerson College 120 Boylston Street Boston, MA 02116 (617) 824-8861

-- Eric Schaefer (, June 29, 2003


This guy composed several of their film scores:

I was googling with "IRMI Films" and "IRMI Films Corporation" and got several resume hits. The players may be able to refer you.

Did you try SAG? I know they list agents; perhaps they also do film companies. You might also check the corporation name through the articles of incorporation records in Sacramento.

-- Rosa (, July 10, 2003.

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