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how can i build a go cart with a lown mower engin

-- matthew (, June 29, 2003


i am not sure what kind of engine you have either a horisontal or vertical shaft. try finding an old rideon lawn mower (junyard)and convert that into a gocart. make sure it has everything you need. tires, steering, rear axle, petals etc. and if you have a motor that has the shaft going up and down (vertical) you will need a gear box from it that will convert the turning of the motor to sideways. or if your motor is horisontal your going to need a sentifical cluch which is a gear that fits on the shaft of the motor that will only move when you step on the gas. you might find a rideon that has brakes or you can make something up yourself. good lick and enjoy.

-- james (, July 01, 2003.

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