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The popular evangelical author and pastor Rick Warren has put forth an interesting church growth strategy paradigm based on the core principles of worship, fellowship, discipleship and evangelism. By deemphasizing traditional liturgy and dress codes for members the results of the purpose-driven paradigm is his church (Saddleback Community) is the fastest growing church in the Southern Baptist Convention. Not surprisingly, Warren and his cottage industry has come under attack by clergy colleagues even those with the SBC. Can we as AMEs learn something from the purpose-driven movement? QED

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2003


Yes, Bill, some of the AME churches have already employed the Purpose- Driven strategy. One of the most outstanding is Turner A.M.E. in Marietta, GA. Look up their site on the web. I'm sure there are others. Antioch A.M.E in Stone Mountain,GA uses the 'mission statement' of Saddleback in their mission statement.

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2003

Bro. Bill, the short answer to your question is "Yes". The follow up question, which requires a longer "essay" type answer is, "What are the purposes which drive us?" Are they the purposes set forth by Jesus Christ?

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2003

Yes! Bill we can learn many things from the purpose driven church model. Rick Warren makes some very interesting observations as a result of his research in the saddleback community. I believe our churches must definitely look at this model and others. My warning is this, many of our pastors read a book like the Purpose Driven Church and decided that they will adopt the entire concept.

We must use wisdom in deciding the things that will work in our particular congregations, we also must consider the timing in which we try to implement these "changes" or improvements.

I choose to look at the "concepts" presented in the book and then attempt to see how some of them can fit into my current context. For example, Rick Warren brings up the importance of having inviting, comfortable bathrooms. Many people don't think about this as a retention tactic, but it is. We remodeled our bathrooms and it has done a world of good. That's one example.

Thanks for this discussion

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2003

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