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I have a EX 250 ninja. I would to put to gather a go kart with the engen from the motor cycle how do I do that? what kind of tubing would I need to make it stroung enuf? for the engen so if you could help I thank you very much for your info.

yours truly Cory T Gagne

-- Cory T. Gagne (, June 29, 2003


You can use the motor that you have right now as long as its a horizontal driveshaft. Make sure you have a motor mounting plate, the frame and a carberator. After you have these use the nuts and bolt tooken of your motorcycle and mount the motor to the mounting plate. Hook the chain up to the axle. And for the gas and brake just go to a nearby hardware store and ask for cable links ( like the ones of the brakes on a bike ). And thats about it.

-- Shayla J. Days (, June 30, 2003.

you crazy ah so hard meh

-- iam gila (, July 07, 2003.

Find a frame, motor, chain, sprocket, exhaust, air filter, seat, pedals, and put them all together and you have a go kart.

-- Steph (, September 15, 2003.

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