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Well it's been a while since I've been on any boards. I think I've been gone since Jan or Feb?

What an incredible time I've had with the Lord. Our church is nearly ready to move into the building that was given to us. The businessman who gave the gift is renovating for us, and we hope to be in by August.

I've also nearly finished the first year of my training, and was able to work retreats in Colorado Springs and Lubbock TX as an annointer. God moved in such a powerful way, and hundreds of people were delivered from demonic oppression. Sometimes the battle was heavy, but God blessed my wife and I with wonderful team captains who operated in tremendous discernment. They were given insight into what the participants needed, and together we ministered healing and deliverance. This year we hope to get the deliverance teams set up for our church.

The discipleship class I was teaching has also graduated, and they were truly transformed by the Holy Spirit at the Lubbock retreat.

Then God gave me my first prophetic dream the other day, and has allowed me to give a number of prophetic words to people. He also brought a missionary to speak last Sunday, and he ministered powerfully to a number of people in healing, deliverance, and prophesy. God spoke to my heart afterward, and gave me a goal of developing toward that type and level of ministry.

On the home front, we've purchased our first home and will move in Tuesday. My pastor noted how my wife and I have been faithful in our giving for years now, and he encouraged us to call in the seeds we'd planted. Next thing you know we receive an unexpected gift of $10,000.

Today's exhortation: The missionary I mentioned told a story about a homeless man who died on the streets. Afterward the authorities found he was actually a wealthy man. He either didn't know how much wealth he had access to, or he did know, but dispised it.

How many of God's children don't know the authority and victory that are theirs, and live in defeat? How many of them know, but dispise it and choose not to access it?

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2003


Hello RP -

Welcome back !! Sounds like your "sabbatical" from AME Today was productive. As God instructed Joshua, Be ye strong and of good courage. QED

-- Anonymous, June 29, 2003

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