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why do people hate Michael Jackson......Well I know why cause my whole family hates michael jackson....I dont...Michael is the sweetest thing that came into this world...I asked people why they hate michael in person and over the internet...People responses were the child molestation case,his skin color,he looks like a girl and he talks like a girl,kids sleeps in his bed...Well the people that stabbed michael in the back with the child molestation case....The family just wanted to take his money..His skin color is from vitilgo...I think thats how u spell it...He does not look like a girl he was born a cute baby boy and grown up a big beautiful caring person who i think is very sexy..He does not talk like a girl hes got a sweet voice...Some people talk like the other race and they dont know it..Kids sleeps in his bed because he loves children.....Also heres a sentence i like that michael said on Living With Michael Jackson...IF THEY ANNOUNCED ALL CHILDREN WERE DEAD HE WOULD JUMP OF THE BUILDING.......AWWW AINT THAT CUTE BUT HE DONT NEED TO DIE IF THEY ANNOUNCED ALL CHILDREN WERE DEAD...HE NEEDS TO LIVE FOR ALL HIS ADULT FANS..THANK U FOR READIN AND RESPOND OR GIVE ME A EMAIL..BYE BYE

-- Anonymous, June 28, 2003


hi email me ne mj fans

-- Anonymous, July 01, 2003

you are so right!!! i complety agree with you.

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2003

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