OATS procedure vs Total Knee Replacement

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After a much needed MRI of my right knee, my Ortho doc is proceeding with the OATS procedure and arthroscopy for a loose body. I was told that it was really a toss up of TKR and OATS however I was too young for TKR (age 43) and I would require another TKR in 15 years or so. I have a full thickness large defect of articular cartilage extending to subcondral bone cortex 1.0cm in its sagittal transverse dimension and 1.3cm in its anterior to posterior dimension. Also a similar large full thickness defect involving the major weightbearing portion of the lateral femoral condyle, measuring 1.4cm anterior to posterior and 5mm in the sagittal transverse dimension. No meniscal tear. The loose body is approx 10 x 4 mm. I have no good donor site due to my left knee is not far behind my right knee in injury, they are using allograft for bone grafts. What is the success rate on the above sizes with allograft type grafts? Is there anyone who has had this procedure without using their own bone grafts? What was the success rate? My surgery is in 3 weeks. What am I looking at for recovery time (no complicatins), as in weightbearing walking? Any help would be great! Thanks you.

-- Jackie Potter (momsfreeatlast@aol.com), June 27, 2003


Go with the OATS. I have researched OATS and there is a very high rate of success. And do your Physical Therapy too :-)

-- Ryan B. Sinnott, SPTA (rybreadx@msn.com), July 09, 2003.

Thank you for your input. I'm searching to make sure that I get the right procedure done, so that I will have some years to enjoy being able to walk relatively pain free. Trust me, I'll to the PT.

-- Jackie Potter (momsfreeatlast@aol.com), July 11, 2003.

I have had 2 scopes and an OATS procedure done on my left knee. it has been 5 months since my procedure. i have been doing physical therapy since i was diagnosed (Mar '03) with grade 3 and 4 Chondromalaycia on the medial femoral chondyle and grade 1 and 2 on the lateral. the graft to repair the grade 3 and 4 was 10mm. i am only 23 and OATS has not worked for me. if you are 43 and too young for a TKR i can only imagine the pain that i will have to endure until i am eligible for a TKR. OATS is supposed to be highly effective so i would suggest that you opt for that surgery rather than a total knee. good luck. hope everything works out for you.

-- donny (mysh@crutch-on.com), January 14, 2005.

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