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Anecdotes, personal stories, personalities etc and newsworthy events regarding Jack's Restaurant on Sacramento St

-- Brian G (, June 26, 2003


The only thing I know is that the original name was Jack's Rotisserie and that the owner was Jacques Monique who was part of a group of 40 chefs that Francois Pioche, the millionaire businessman, brought over from France so that he could eat a decent meal like in his country. All the major restaurants in San Francisco used these chefs. Later around 1900, the restaurant was sold to Edward Blanquie. The restaurant was badly damaged in the 1906 earthquake and a substitute Jack's restaurant was set up temporarily somewhere on Golden Gate Avenue. Another chef at the restaurant named Michel Redinger helped finance the reconstruction and became part owner. His brother Paul Redinger another chef at the restaurant also became a partner later on. Eventually Jack Redinger, Paul's son became the owner. I don't know if the family still retains ownership today but it seems like it would not be something you'd want to give up that easily since good downtown restaurants are better than gold mines. Now this has made me hungry so I think I might go down to Jack's today.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*, December 01, 2003.

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