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I just purchased the pilot video of Aeon Flux from someone on Ebay and are just wondering how many other videos are available. I saw this series on SBS in Australia a few years ago and loved it but getting the video and watching it made me realise how much I loved it. So any help about the other videos would be good.

Regards and thanks


-- Kim Wilson (, June 26, 2003


There were 3 VHS tapes released: Aeon Flux, Mission Infinite, and Operation Terminous. These cover everything that was on TV. Only the first one was put out on DVD, the rest were VHS only. Basically impossible to find them anywhere for a reasonable price these days. Good luck though :)

-- Arturo M Lopez (, June 26, 2003.

Yeah, there's a premium on those tapes, especially the boxed set. Sometimes you can find them on for around $300-$350, which is a lot but not so bad if you're a serious collector.

-- Timaree McKormick (, July 24, 2003.

That is totally wrong. You can get the collectors set for $45 on e-bay (or download them for free via Soulseek ->

-- Fred (, August 24, 2003.

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