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As some of you know I am an insulin dependant diabetic, type 2. I have been diabetic for 39 years and it has taken its toll on my body, from heart attacks, to strokes, to nerve damage. Today I was on the phone with my diabetic manager discussing our next course of treatment. She shocked be by saying she and my doctor had spoken recently and it was apparent that there was spiritual intervention in terms of my health, and neither one of them had seen anyone with as much damage to their body from diabetes walk, let alone function. She said it had strengthen all of them in their faith and committment to keep me alive to do ministry. There are days I get tired and worn down. But those are the days I lay down and plan what I will do when he revives me again!

I have not given up hope, I have given up fear for I know God has brought me this far by faith. There is someone today who may have pain, or an illness and wants to give up. Don't! keep praying and know you are not alone. God loves you and so do I. If you need to write me for encouragement, please do for there may be a time that I need your shoulder.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2003


Thank you for your testimony! I just went through something similar and I felt so afraid. I thought God had taken His hand away from me and left me on my own to deal with real pain in my body. Understand I had been very healthy (so I thought). Just a little stiffness. Yea right! It turns out that it was osteoarthritis. Like you after the initial shock of my diagnosis I began to praise the Lord and to expect my healing. God never fails! If we continue to look to the place our strength comes from. God will give His divine healing and if we are lucky another chance to work with Him in His divine propose. I am writing to see if we can get testimonies going from this posting! There is nothing like good news! Be encouraged! God is in control. Thank you Jesus and we love you heart and mind.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2003

Felicia, praise God for your testimony! You are right if we share what we are going through and how God is working in our lives it helps others. God just laid that on my heart today. I will pray for you for you understand my pain, neuropathy pain is similar to that of severe arthritis, though it does not respond to the same meds. Beautiful sister do not give up and I have a feeling God is using you in mighty ways. It is great hearing from you, I hope we will hear from others who are dealing with chronic pain.

-- Anonymous, June 25, 2003

Last year, I woke up one morning with numbness in my feet. After four months of tests, the doctors said that I had multipe sclerosis (MS).

I have to give myself daily injections and I too get tired and have trouble walking sometimes. And many times I want to scream, cry, or just give up. But then I read testimonies like the one above. Then I praise God and thank Him for restoring my faith, guiding my feet, and providing encouragement.

My feet are still numb, but I know that this doesn't stop me from praising God and serving Him and finding ways to spread His love and joy to others who may not walk with Him.

I also know that I've come this far by faith and that He's not through with me yet. I pray that this helps to encourage others as I've been encouraged.

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2003

Sis. Eva, God has a plan for you! The numbness that you have is the same numbness those of us with neuropathy have and it affects our balance. Once a week those of us who "are balanced Impaired" a name we give ourselves;-) take over the cardio room at my gym. It is wonderful for some of us are diabetic, have ms, stroke and other conditions. We encourage one another and the word has gotten out and the owner has had to order new equipment to keep up with the demand.

Our next big thing is to take over the water aeorbics classes;-) I do a service for the disabled in my community once a week, and it has been a blessing for so many disable people think that God has forgotten them. He has not!! And he still can use us no matter what our physical condition. I know how frustrating it is to have a chronic illness, for you never know how you are going to feel, day to day. But one of the things that doctors are now realizing that patients who have a strong relationship with God, do better, it is more important that ever to strengthen our relationship with God. I am glad you shared with the board that you have MS, now we can pray for you. Welcome to the board and keep sharing. I hope others will also share. You are not alone!

-- Anonymous, June 26, 2003

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