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Aeon Flux is shooting in Brazilia, Brazil. The architecture there is the centerpiece of the article which can be found on

Head there for the details.

Considering that we're getting a live action film... Brazil is an excellent choice.

-- Michael Gehrig (, June 25, 2003


What gets me is that I once told Denise Poirier that her voice reminded me of Astrud Gilberto, this fabulous Brazilian jazz vocalist. It's a cool place to do a movie. Hope they invite Poirier along for a samba or something.

-- Barb e (, June 29, 2003.

So we can all read the article from Yahoo, I translated it from Portugese into English using Babelfish:

Yahoo! Notícias - Entretenimento - Reuters

"Monday, 23 of June, 07:13 p.m.

Paramount approves Brasilia for film; it lacks to win bureaucracy For Cláudia Saucers BRASILIA (Reuters) - the year is 2500 and most of the humanity was extinct. In this shady future, Aeon Flood is a heroine who, as good part of the personages of histories of animaç?o, lives divided enters the good and the evil in the last existing city on the face of the Land, called Bregna. The personage, who also gives to name to a series homônima propagated by the MTV in 1996, goes to gain life in the cinema from the next year in one produç?o to the Paramount Pictures. Already the futurista city that must serve of cloth of deep can exactly be Brasilia. The capital, visited in this end of week for a group of executives and producers of the Paramount and for the director of the film, Karyn Kusama, was approved as ideal scene for the adventures of Aeon. according to producing, only the bureaucracy can emperrar the filmings in Brazil. "Brasilia is competing with Brasilia. N?o exists other cities in the dispute ", said to the Reuters Raul Guterres, of the responsible team for the film. If produç?o if to materialize, will be the first time that a longone of this transport will have good part of its made external scenes in Brazil. The producer Ian Bryce, responsible for ticket office successes as the "Man Spider", "the Rescue of Soldier Ryan" and "Crossed Indiana Jones and the Last one", also approved the city. "It is very interesting, therefore it is a futurista scene, but different, with one vis?o of future of years 60", commented. Lack now to adjust the scenes photographed for the producers to the script, work that must be made in the next weeks. After this phase, the contacts with Brazilian authorities start to make possible the filmings in buildings as of the Congress and the National Theater, two of the building that had called more atenç?o the team of the Paramount. "I am very optimistical and absolutely magic with the city. It would like much that the filmings were made here ", affirmed the director Karyn Kusama. It was known in the North American scene with the film "Girlfight -- Good of Fight", with which she better gained the prize of direç?o in the Festival of Sundance in 2000. Kusama refuses comparaç?es of the Aeon personage Flood with Lara Croft, impersonatied recently in telona for Angelina Jolie. "Aeon is a more intense personage, is working with a script, says, more serious of the one than Lara Croft", added. The producers and the director keep secret on the protagonist, who still would be being chosen for the studio, but confirm that it will have to be an actress of "first line", what it means one cachê around 10 milh?es of dollar. IN THE SLOPE OF THE CONGRESS Realizaç?o of one has filmed as this, whose budget can exceed 70 milh?es of dollar, can be well lucrative for Brasilia: previs?o of the Paramount is to spend in the country of 30 the 40 milh?es of Reals. This would include contrataç?o of extras, technician and a partnership with a Brazilian producer. according to team of the North American studio, the Globe Films and the Conspiraç? o est?o enters the most quoted. In accordance with Guterres, while a Brazilian company learns with the international experience in one produç?o, it would help the Paramount to decide bureaucratic problems for realizaç?o of the filmings. "the script can include filmings in places as the slope and the tunnels of access to the Congress, but I find that n?o we will have problems in obtaining autorizaç?o", said Guterres, adding that the film will have to start to be twirled in November in the exterior and January in Brasilia, using to advantage the rainy climate. "This n?o will be problem, because the city has a climate ' dark ', what it combines well with an darkened sky", said it".

-- Barb e (, July 01, 2003.

Aeon will not be easily controlled by one who turned out a Man of the Spider or a Laura Croft. One fatale of femme, the nature to sinister dark. Writers will find necessary an inclination to mind expansion to escape of the box of Hollywood. To enter truly a world of the Flux the architecture of flow will not be enough.

-- Barb e (, July 03, 2003.

Paul, je suis enchante recieve un compliment si genereux de voux.

-- Barb e (, July 04, 2003.

Ricardo, what are you doing tonight, darling? *lightly tosses cig in trash can and spends much wasted time putting out ensuing fire. Incidently remembers original thought:

Paramount should get in touch with Mark Mars and Peter Chung. Otherwise it will be on their head. (curse of the cat people).

-- Barb e (, July 04, 2003.

Wow... it looks like they may be making the right choices. But what's this "last human city" stuff? Are they taking some stupid cue from the Matrix?

-- Mat Rebholz (, June 26, 2003.

Who wrote the movie?

-- Joshua Aldridge (, June 27, 2003.

If the movie is actually going to be made then maybe MTV can get off their ass and release the whole series on DVD!!!

-- M-ACE (, June 28, 2003.

So if they're going to shoot that means they have an actress right?

-- Emma Frost (, June 30, 2003.

Maybe they're just location scouting...

-- Mat Rebholz (, June 30, 2003.

Hmm... anyone know Portuguese?

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 01, 2003.

i know portuguese

-- roberta Kardel (, July 02, 2003.

Sheer poetry.

-- Inu (, July 03, 2003.

Wow... Babelfish must be the same program that electronics companies use to translate their user manuals from Japanese. ("Plug the cord of power into the electricity socket located in the wall. Depress the power button to activate the electronic device....")

Damn it if I don't still want to make the AF film, though. I'd shoot it in Brazil if they wanted me to. Hell, I'd shoot it in Jersey if they wanted me to. I ain't too picky.

-- R Howard (, July 04, 2003.

Shooting an Aeon Flux movie ought to be easy -- it's the writing that's hard. They could easily set it in some "Habitat"-like setting, nothing but barren concrete architecture, add a few CG effects and neat props, put a lot into the costumes, and it'd be interesting enough. Shouldn't require too big a budget. The trick, again, is in the writing.

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 04, 2003.

The Babelfish translation is disastrous. Here goes mine.

Monday, June 23rd, 07:13 PM

Paramount approves Brasilia for new movie; now it's a matter of getting over the bureaucracy.

By Claudia Pires

Brasilia (Reuters) - The year is 2500 and most of mankind has been extinct. In this dark future, Aeon Flux is a heroine who, as a significant part of the characters of animation stories, lives divided between good and evil in the last city on the face of the Earth, called Bregna.

The character, who also names the series showed by MTV in 1996, is going to come to life in the movies next year in a Paramount Pictures production. Now, the futuristic city that should serve as the background could indeed be Brasilia.

The national capital, visited this weekend by a groups of Paramount executives and producers and by the director of the movie, Karyn Kusama, was approved as the ideal scenario for the adventures of Aeon. According to the producers, only the bureaucracy could stuck the shooting in Brazil.

"Brasilia [*the city] is competing with Brasilia [*the government]. There are no other cities in the dispute, said Raul Guterres, from the team responsible for the movie, to Reuters

If the production is realized, it will be the first time that a major motion picture will have a significand part of it's exterior scenes made in Brazil.

The producer Ian Bryce, responsible for commercial successes like "Spiderman", "Saving Private Ryan" and "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade", gave also his approval to the city.

"It's very interesting, because it's a futuristic scenario, but different, with a vision of the future from the 60's", he commented.

Now it's a matter of adjusting the scenarios photographed by the producers to the script, a task that should be completed in the next weeks. After this phase, begin the contacts with the Brazilian authorities to make it possible the shooting in buildings such as the Congress and the National Theatre, two of the buildings that most caught the eye of the Paramount team.

"I'm very optimistic and absolutely charmed with the city. I'd like very much that the shooting was done here", said the director Karyn Kusama.

She has become known in the North-American scenario with the movie "Girlfight", with which she won the award of best direction in the Sundance Festival of 2000.

Kusama refuses comparissons of the Aeon Flux character with Lara Croft, played recently in the big screen by Angelina Jolie.

"Aeon is a more intense character, we are working with a script, let's say, more serious then Lara Croft's", she added.

The producers and the director keep it secret about the lead actress, who would be still be in the selection process, but they confirm that she should be a "first rate" actress, which means a salary of about 10 million dollars.

By the Congress Slope

The realization of a movie like this, which budget shold go over 70 million dollars, can be very profitable for Brasilia. Paramount's prevision is to spend 30 to 40 millions of reals.

This would include the extras, technicians and a partnership with a Brazilian production studio. According to the team of the North- American studio, the Globo Films and the Conspiration are among the strongest options.

According to Guterres, wile a Brazilian company learns with the experience in an international production, the company would help Paramount to solve bureaucratic problema for the shootings realization.

The script might include shootings in places such as The Slope and the access tunels of the Congress, but I think we won't have problems getting the authorization", said Guterres, adding that the movie should begin to be shot in November abroad and in January in Brasilia, taking advantage of the rainy season.

"It will not be a problem, because the city has a dark atmosphere, which goes well with a clouded sky", he said

-- Ricardo Dirani (, July 04, 2003.

The writers

What they've written 1


-- Peter Chung (, July 04, 2003.

Bwahahahah, it will be a strange and incomprehendable movie! Ironical that I was once a "poor Latino falls hard for a troubled girl from the affluent neighborhood". Compare the pictures: Crazy/Beautiful(2001) Me&Deborah(2002)

-- Ricardo Dirani (, July 04, 2003.

I'm hopeful thanks to Kusama's comments on Aeon. Of course, it remains to be seen what she means by "intense" and "serious", but at least they're not going the stupid Lara Croft route (of course, Aeon's physique should be at least as imposing).

As for the actress... I'm wondering if Demi Moore might end up doing it. She expressed an interest before, and she seems to be coming back into the spotlight. I wouldn't be too disappointed at the choice, but who knows how she'd handle it. I don't think her voice is quite right for the role, though. I don't think that her age would matter -- Aeon comes off as mature.

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 04, 2003.

I nearly forgot: Thanks, Ricardo, for your generous translation!

-- Mat Rebholz (, July 04, 2003.

what about that chick on men in black 2? think she could do the part?

-- grant grismore (, July 08, 2003.

So they're looking to spend 10 mil on an actress, ok. Now they want a script, so they shell out eight dollars an hour for the masterminds behind "The Tuxedo" and "Crazy/Beautiful".

What the hell? Couldn't they have done better?

-- J (, July 09, 2003.

Can this be storrrped? Someone? Please?


-- eskimonkey (, July 22, 2003.

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