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I am due to have a core decompression on both knees. Will I need much assistance afterwards. About how long will I have to be on crutches. I have a post-op appointment about 10 days after surgery. Does that mean I will be able to go back to work soon. (Desk Job)

-- Afua Tisdale (, June 24, 2003


Keeping in mind that healing time for everyone is different due to the many variables involved, here is what it was like for me: I had both kneed cored at the same time due to Osteonecrosis, stage 3 in both. I was on no weight bearing for a total of three months, then graduated to one crutch for three months, then total weight bearing. In my case, I also had ON of both hips at the same time making walking or weight bearing painful and difficult, anyway. With the use of a wheelchair for the first few weeks, I was able to take care of myself pretty well during the day. My husband did all of the heavier housework for the first month or so; neighbors helped out with food shopping and other outside errands. If I had a job at the time, I suppose I would have been able to go back to work after a few weeks, if it were a desk job type of occupation. One thing that really upset me was that my surgeon refused to allow me to return to driving my car afterwards (and I am talking about for a period of four years, until my right knee needed replacing) because he said the bone was now further compromised and he did not want to bear the responsibility of such a decision. He said that if I got into an accident and perhaps hurt someone else, it could get pretty ugly in a court room as I would not have a good leg to stand on, so to speak. So, if you need to drive yourself to work, think about this and ask about it prior to your surgery. I believe he was correct, by the way. My pain level from the CDs was extremely high and it took me a very long time to regain comfortable mobility and strength (about three months). Remember: my case is individual and might not match yours, but I've given you some good food for thought. Good luck to you.

Marie Shanahan ON/AVN Support Group Int'l and NONF, Dir.

-- Marie Shanahan (, July 01, 2003.

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