Chat on prayer and miracles tonight June 24, 2003 in the A.M.E. Herald Chat room : LUSENET : A.M.E. Today Discussion : One Thread

Hi, everyone, tonight June 24, 2003 there will be a discussion on the power of prayer and miracles in the Chat room. I hope you will join us. You must register to use the chat room, and register early so that you can go directly into the chat room. We have discussions every tuesday night. And Licentiate Danielle Rogers and myself host the chat. It is also a good way to say hello to your friends during real time. Please adjust to your time zone. The chat is for one hour. Please be prompt.

9 P.M.Eastern Standard Time 8 P.M. Central Time 7 P.M Mountain Time 6 P.M. Pacific Time

Come share your experiences. God bless!

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2003

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