unsatisfied with portrait picture ,

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camera N-80 with 28-100G nikkor lense, unable to achieve brightness in the photo(potrait) weather in daytime (sunny day or hazy day, and in the flash photography sb 50dx speedlight in the night+build up flash).In the nikkor lens I have UV filter. On the other hand exposer meter shows all the time 0 balance(neither +or -).everytime I gave it for develop always come with deamer(not brightened, sharp) and depth of field is also not crispy. some says your lens is not good, some says its cheaper quality. some says u should purchase the nikkor with ED version,etc... . I'm in fixed.

secondly, I found that its very difficult to take a picture of black color people in the night by using with the build up flash and speedlight, keeping consideration of exposer meter in 0 level with background white with bright-lite. output come not crispy, not brightened, very dull. could you please help me! Thank you

-- Buddha (buddhass007@yahoo.com), June 23, 2003

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