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I have try to make goods SVCD┤s from my HI8 movies, but I haven┤t succeed even with TMPGenc. The sharpness of the SVCD are worst than a copie in VHS tape and there is a lot of squares on the image that are not tolerable. Althout the techinical definition of the SVCD (576x480) is better than the VHS (that is similar than VCD), the videos that I have make in SVCD are not better than the VHS copies. So, I don┤t know what is happening, and I would appreciate some help to get goods SVCD┤s. Thank you all.

-- C. Lima (, June 23, 2003


Response to Making goods SVCD┬┤s

TMPGenc will only produce good quality MPEG streams if it is also given good quality input AVI files. What are u using to capture your Hi8 tapes with? What resolution are u using? What codec? At the very least u should capture at 576x480 or better ensuring that both fields are captured. If u r capturing at 320x240 or something like that no matter what it will produce crap.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, June 24, 2003.

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