Burning a VCD with freeware from several short "video.mpg" file

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How do I burn a VCD from several short .MPG videos I created with MGI VideoWave IISE. The .mpg files play wonderfully on the PC and I would like to burn a VCD with a chapter menu to play on my Samsung DVD/VCR so I can record them to VHS. Ideally I would like the VCD to autoplay on the DVD player, PC and MAC. I prefer slim freeware since I do this on a Pentium 233mmx laptop with WinME. Has anybody used a program that does this quick and easy without overwhelming options.

-- Peter Register (Peter.Register@zonnet.nl), June 23, 2003


Nero 5.5 that I use, will take all your mpg files and allow you to burn them either as VCD or SVCD in one operation allowing you to play back on any standard DVD player with a chapter menu

-- Robert Higbee (robert@higbee.co.uk), June 23, 2003.

You can Dounload this free software.Here http://www.filemirrors.com/search.src? file=VCDEasy_v1.1.5.2_Setup.exe Search on this site for VCDEasy. http://www.dvdrhelp.com/tools.php?tool=39#comments

-- Carlos C. (raajaxc@yaho.com), September 08, 2003.

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