What do you consider a "great date"

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For me its a DVD movie and dinner at one of our homes after a game of puttX2 golf. If we dont know each other well enough for home relaxing yet, I like a movie and a walk on the riverside plaza and then a cappuchinno at a bookstore coffee shop. How abut ya'll?

-- Jay Blair in N. AL (jayblair678@yahoo.com), June 22, 2003


A great date is where I come away unscathed, unmarried, but thinking that there is marriage potential in the person I've been with.

A great date to me is where there has been a good exchange of thoughts through good conversation. Some physical contact whether it just be holding of hands as we stroll, or a nice warm hug, or more depending upon whether this is a first date or not.

BTW, what is with women these days? Quite a few of them I've come across think that after just two dates to dating for two months, they think it is time to get married. Whatever. That is much too soon for me. I have a need to know a person before I marry them. lol.

-- Windy in Kansas (Not@thekeyboard.com), July 09, 2003.

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