1st time buyer - Open water shell thats fast?

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I live on Casco Bay, Maine, where there are rarely waves, but I think a racing boat would be a little tippy.

The only non-racing single I've been in is an Alden, and I think they are too wide and clunky. (at least the model I tried is)

Any advice on a durable, steady, yet reasonably fast shell I could buy?

Single convertible to a double would be a bonus, but probably undermine my other criteria. Any ideas? Thanks!

-- fred malloy (fredmalloy@yahoo.com), June 20, 2003


My advice is that you take a long look at the Maas Aero and 24. Why don't you contact Dana Avery at Mystic River Boathouse in Connecticut. He's the nearest Maas dealer. The Maas website is www.maasboats.com. You can see photos of Maas boats in action at www.soundrowers.org.

-- Steve Wells (steve@evergreenrowing.com), June 21, 2003.

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