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hello everyone, I have a copy of pax corpus for psx. this is the game that the defunct aeon flux game became ( of course ). but it is in pal standard because it was never released in the u.s. It will play on emulators, and it is interesting. but I cannot convert the game image from pal to ntsc to play on a psx. i've tried pal4u and a few others but i am not computer savvy enough to go into to the dos commands and get a succesful conversion. would anyone like to give this conversion a try, i sure would appreciated it. and I think it would be of interest to aeon flux fans. I could send you the image in whatever form you prefer as an attachment, and then you can share the finished product with me. if you would like to give it a try email me at :

-- chas (, June 20, 2003


i dont know how to convert it but you say that the game is on psx, i can only find it for pc, where did you get your psx version from?

-- adam (, June 30, 2003.

I got the cd from a psx backup service in taiwan or australia. i realized that i probley wouldn't be able to play it on my ntsc machine but being such an aeon freak i had to try it. didn't work. about two years later when the ps emulators started coming out i finally got to see if the thing worked at all. and your absolutley right, when i surfed around looking for codes or info on the psx game all that i found was the pc version. well last week i downloaded a program from megagames that extracts the fmv's and songs from psx cd's. it was veery interesting. when playing the game on the psx emu all voice-overs where in french (where it was developed) but after extraction there was english as well as german versions of all the movies. also the music isn't to bad. some of the songs are kinda cool. they sound like a combination of drew newman and prodigy. It seems that the finished pax corpus product was fairly close to what they where planning to do with aeon. I read somewhere on the net that they where basing the original game around the episode " the demiurge" and in the fmv video's from the cd this game also involves the generic aeon character trying to launch a mysterious powerful force into space in the tip of a rocket. the force is called the " pax corpus". other fmv's from the cd also borrow images from the series as well. such as a monorail high-speed transport train (fom "last time"?) and a cubed station of some sort that looks very much like the laboratory from ether drift theory.

-- chas (, July 02, 2003.

thanks for the info, 2 days ago i bought pax corpus for the pc and it should arrive soon. i still wish that this game could have been aeon, the screen shots of the aeon game that ive seen looked awsome. i can tell you what the games is like when i get if if you'd like.

-- adam (, July 02, 2003.

yeah that would be great. let me know what you think of it. and if its cool with you mabey you could share it with me so i can try it too. i dont know how much your into fiddling with software but at file planet there is a aeon flux replacement skin for halflife. seeing as halflife is a first person shooter it would have to be applied to the other characters, which is why i havn't tried to hard to impliment it yet. but i seem to recall a code that will put halflife in 3rd person perspective (its real hard to aim though) that way you could apply the skin to gorden freeman and play as aeon. i actually havn't tried this yet but when you said you got the pc version it just popped into my head. well let me know whats going on with the pax corpus game when you get it and i'll let you know if this crazy idea i just had works. peace - chas.

-- chas (, July 02, 2003.

oh yeah i have that skin and half life, but i got the skin before i got halflife, im going to try it now

-- adam (, July 03, 2003.

i just tried the aeon skin and it dosent work, i tries to replace the zombies with aeon fluxs but they are still zombies, do you know how you get this to work?

-- adam (, July 03, 2003.

I came across a site that has a magazine scan Aeon Flux for PSX. It looks nice. I'll search and look for a preview of Pax Corpus if it's there. It was Not sure if they are related to the magazine. I'll look for the Pax Corpus preview and if it's not there I'll request a preview of it. I always wanted Aoen Flux.

-- USA*Madcow (, January 03, 2004.

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