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Hi, I need help with a problem of a co-worker. She has been playing games with me since March. I have told management but nothing has been done. She hides the paperwork and mail from me so I can't do my work. When I try to get my work from her she gets very Nasty. The other day she actually threaten me with her finger pointing at me and the fury in her eyes. Then she had waited outside the door at quitting but I knew something was up so I went out the other. I'm afraid I can't count on management, what can I do to protect myself. Can anyone give me some sources to contact. Thanks

-- Donna Hoffman (, June 19, 2003


Perhaps a headache, but not likely a legal issue. "Hostile environment" refers to a rough workplace because of a person's sex, age, race etc.

-- Gerald P. Cunningham (, July 15, 2003.

regarding the last answer by marge hill - she doesnt know what she's talking about, and now they have a "prior disciplinary action" against her if they decide to fire her

-- you do have an actionable case, under "hostile work environment" - depends tho, on whether youre a state worker, or federal, or private --

check the EEOC websites and MSPB sites --

DO NOT get nasty back - all it can do is cause problems for you -

-- robert w. donnelly (, September 08, 2004.

I have the same problem with a male co-worker, it has been going on for three years now. My situation was physical once, yelling and intimidating another time and verbal abuse on almost daily basis. Yesterday he did the same thing your co-worker did to you with the finger pointing and hatred in his eyes. Every time I have made a report to our boss, yesterday my boss told me to let it go because my co-worker is stressed out. The time before, I ended up in de ER and my boss talked to him, (he said that) the harrassmend tunned down to only sarcastic remarks and indirect offensive words. The time when it was physical, my boss told me that he did not want any problems and in a meeting with the co-worker dismissed my complain when my co- worker denied any wrong doing. I too, do not know what to do. I do have everything documented, should I seek the advise of a lawyer, should I visit a social center where they help domestic abuse victims? I am afraid of losing my job because I do not wish to take any more abuse and intimidation at work. Would anyone tell me if I have a case?

-- Luisa Stowe (, April 16, 2004.

People do many things for stupid assumptions. Remember that no matter where you go to work there is someone with some sort of issue that they seem to want to project upon onother so that they can share in their misery. I agree with the continual reporting. I also think that you should make a point to keep a very psositive attitude at work. This will help keep you from the mental draining that a situation like this can have on you. Take care of yourself, because no one else cares more than you about you.

-- D. Carr (, March 31, 2004.

Dont let any of these comments keep you from doing the right thing. Document every incident. Even video tape if you can get away with it. Report it to your supervisor, her supervisor, the EEOC, Affirmative action and keep reporting it until it either changes or they do something about it. I have had to deal with people like this many times in my life and I just let it slide. Not anymore. I report it all. Once you start doing that the person harrassing you may finally get the message or quit themselves. Never do anything in retaliation. Somehow even if you justifiably retaliate it gets turned around to your fault. God willing, someday, someway when people start speaking up for themselves and saying enough is enough instead of being coward and walking away the world might start doing something about it. Kind of like saving the environment one person at a time. Its a tough road but you do have rights.

-- (, November 26, 2003.

i would dissagree w/ the previous answers to some degree i think that most companies pride themselves w/ zero tollerance in the workplace for harrassment and violence, etc - i'm not sure about yours in question - but,i would ( if i was you ) suggest sending an email/letter to each level of manangement until someone responds in a professional manner and i would save all correspondence you rec'v to back yourself up - as well as keep a journal or log documenting each time you are faced w/ this harrassing behavior - as far as legally - not sure it depends on each state - but usaually harassment is harrassment- good luck to you

-- andrew (, October 29, 2003.

i'm afraid you may have to get nasty back just once. it happened to me. without providing detail, giving it back to my "team leader" got me a verbal warning, but things began to turn after that. to me it was better to suffer an injustice than compromise dignity.

-- marge hill (, October 03, 2003.

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