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Is the voice of Aristotle in Reign played by the same voice actor as Trevor Goodchild from Aeon Flux, and if so wow what an excellent character recycle, Trevor and Aristotle are almost interchangeable in personality and ambition for both series.

-- Dan W (, June 19, 2003


Yup. Although if I recall the voice was changed after like 4 or 5 episodes?? Anyone?? Completely ruined Aristotle's character for me after they changed it, I got so used to hearing Trevor's voice it was some good nostalgia :)

-- Arturo (, June 19, 2003.

I just want to say I was also pissed off when thay changed the voice

-- Justin (, June 19, 2003.

I knew it! I've only seen a few episodes of Reign, dare they change the voice? Barbarian infidels....

-- Skippy Robinson (, July 05, 2003.

The voice actor, John Lee, died some time in 2000. I'm willing to bet that's the reason.

He was a perfect fit, I don't see any other reason they'd change him.

-- J (, July 09, 2003.

If John Lee died, then his ghost must have posted in the meantime. The first 4 eps were dubbed before the rest of the series. Tokyopop cheaped out and decided to go with no-name voice actors, instead of continuing on with the more expensive Aeon Flux vets. This is why all the actors changed, not just John Lee. But I must admit, of all the voice changes, his is the one I miss the most.


-- skye (, July 09, 2003.

You must excuse me, then. This site is very wrong, apparently.

-- J (, July 10, 2003.

Wow, thats really odd. This is definitely not the John Lee of AF and Reign fame, though. They seem to have confused his AF and Reign credits. John Rafter Lee also worked on VHD:Bloodlust and Breathing Hard, both of which are missing from this other John Lee's mishmash of a bio. What an odd mixup.


-- skye (, July 10, 2003.

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