www.GasValveDoctor.com Earthquake Gas Valves for &69

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www.GasValveDoctor.com Earthquake Automatic Gas Shut-Off Valve for $69

-- Boaz Levanda (contact@gasvalvedoctor.com), June 18, 2003


Yes the Shut off Gas Valve is the best in the market, it will protect from fire after Earhquake, will protect your family children pets and your document, also this is the best price UI found in the market for this gasvalves, the servicein GasValveDoctor.copm is exelent, the respond time is very short.

You also can get a profisional installation if you contact the http://www.gasvalvedoctor.com or http://www.gasvalve.net.

Go for it.


-- Benjamin Dar (pcnet@california.com), June 19, 2003.

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