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Started to be chased by the Bradford and Bingley for a shortfall...

If you get remarried and your other partner has assets in her name can the lender take her assets in lou of a debt even though she was nothing to do with the orginal mortage?

Many thanks

-- (, June 17, 2003


Hi Gary,

Please see my earlier posting entitled Useful Information regarding getting a pre-nuptial.

No they can't take it as long as you keep everything to prove that she is paying towards the house and you are not, they will try and claim beneficial interest but a solicitor advised me that if you keep the person who has nothing to do with the debt separate and everything that is paid towards the house/property etc is done from that account in their name, then they cannot claim this.

This happened to a friend of mine who bought a council house for her mother. She had to provide paperwork to prove that her mother had paid nothing towards it when her mother went into a home, she dumped the entire paperwork (great big mound of it) on their desks and said "Feel free", nice one!

-- Chris (, June 18, 2003.

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