Why did Poe use many French and other languages words?

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In his tale Murders of the Morgue Street Mr.Allan Poe used many French words. I want to know the reasons to write using other languages words.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2003


America was a tyoung nation whose education and culture depended on the big centersof Britain, France, Italy and Germany. Poe, like any other well educated American(as with many others sent overseas for education) was comofortable in this and very interested in languages as he was in science. Classic andf Biblical languages also figure prominently. it was not unusual for the times, especially pertinent quotes and learned references(some Poe may have faked just for color!). Often it helped for the nackground and mood as pertained to the Europoean Gothic tradition, lending hoary and mysterious authority to odd tales and faraway settings. As did other Romantics who often lived in italy or travelled to Greece.

Showing off? That too.

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2003

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