Where can I get the VCD lens replaced for PIONEER VCD model VS-55 and at what cost?

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I own a PIONEER VS-55 VCD player. It was playing the original VCDs very well, and not playing so the pirated CDs. I tried a VCD lens cleaner and it has made the situation worse. The CD player says "No DISC" even for original VCDs. It appears that the VCD lens has been damaged and needs to be replaced. Can the lens be replaced and where can I get them and at what cost? Please reply.

-- Gopalakrishnan Thirumurthy (gk_aazhi@rediffmail.com), June 17, 2003


Mat Electronics May have your lens you need. You'll need to open it up and look at what it is first.You will need to replace the whole assembly but it can be replaced.30.00 bucks about that.

-- lens (were@no address.com), July 20, 2003.

Never EVER use a CD lense cleaner with those little brushes. EVER!!!

The lense on a laser pickup is very delicate. And when those little brushes whip across it at lightning speed, very bad things can happen. It's like using a buffer on a dirty car, with no water.

BTW, I have never heard of a laser pickup being helped by one of those 'cleaners'.

-- David Coons (DJForce_1@hotmail.com), January 19, 2004.

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