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does anyone have any idea about the symbolism behind the little creature that produced the pill that once you eat you forget your hole life and who you are... I am so fucking stumped

-- justin hughes (, June 16, 2003


the creatures look sorta lost themselves. like why do people rip back my skin and tear out my pill?...bastards.

-- Dougie (, June 17, 2003.

I was also wondering about ther origin

-- justin hughes (, June 17, 2003.

Only thing that ever came to mind regarding them was the name... Narghile is also another word for hookah. =)

-- divinus (, June 25, 2003.

I think {Narghile} is from the cone-heads movie. It means to fight the GARTHOCK dosen't it

-- justin (, June 26, 2003.

there seems to be a bit of phallic symbolism there (peel the skin back, process the creature's insides and BAM, life's changed forever) but that's REALLY reaching.

-- yakov grinberg (, July 25, 2003.

I don't know that the symbolism is to be found in the Narghiles themselves, but rather in the events going on around them.

If you take a moment to consider, it appears that the Narghiles are secondary to the drugs they carry. Why does Rorty want to destroy them? Not because of the species as a whole, but because of the drug it produces.

In furtherance of the idea that the Narghiles are not the intended focus of symbolism, take 'Brave New World' for instance (bet Trevor's read that a time or two) the book's message and symbolism found in the drug Soma, or in the politics and sociology of the book's characters?

Soma is something the government uses to help them control the masses, so really it's just a vehicle to the story.

The same may be said for "Reraizure", I think; a drug is a drug. I suspect it could've been anything...the Narghiles, living creatures producing the drug, just happened to be an interesting idea.

However, I won't claim to know any of this for sure. I ain't Peter, just a chick who has too much time to watch TV. ;)

-- Ivy Stone (, July 25, 2003.

I posted this to begin with and have since changed eMail. To IVY all I have to say is DAMN!! thats one hell of a theory.

-- justin (nomad) (, July 26, 2003.

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