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A question has come up about baptism and a clear cut answer has not been given. Is one baptism enough. If one was baptised or christened as a child, can, or should, that same person be baptised again of his own free will?

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2003


There is only one Baptism. The reason being God Baptizes us and creates a covenant with us that we belong to him. Pastors are the Proxies that stand in for God. We do not Baptize. God Baptizes. God's power is everlasting and does not wear away, rub off or diminish. Therefore there is only one Baptism. It does not matter if you were baptized as an adult, or child or in another denomination. God has placed his sign upon you.

Unfortunately what Baptism is, is not adaquately explained sometimes and there are misunderstandings, there are even clergy that are rebaptizing people.

What does that say about the power of God? When we are rebaptized every few years? It gives the impression that God's power does not work. We know he is all powerful.

There will be times in our lives when we will have renewed spiritual experiences, and we want to celebrate those moments with God. There can be a place for that and that is called "reaffirming your baptismal vows" one is NOT rebaptized. But the person makes a pledge to renew their committment to God. I have a new member who was Catholic before joining our church. She will be reaffirming her bapismal vows in our church. In a ceremony such as this the individual is not sprinkled with water or immersed but instead the Pastor will use a branch, flower, (I use a white rose) and the water is sprinkled in the direction of the congregation as we all say our words of rememberance that we belong to God.

There is only ONE Baptism. Thanks for asking the question.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2003

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