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Hello, Ok, my question is as follows: "Is The Raven by Poe an item of Public Domain, or if someone would like to use it, read it, rap it, or make it into a song, would they have to first go through some sort of Copy Rights Ordeal to get access to the material(legally speaking that is)." Basically, can anyone use the material(the words of The Raven) freely? In this instance to Rap it and Record it and possibly(yes its only a dream for my friend, but)get there new Rap of The Raven on the radio and if it led to it become famous. Would there beanysort of a tie in or an oganization or family name or something that my friend would be legally required to give part of the proceeds too or like i stated above is the material now public domain? Your help is much appreciated.

Brian Lee,

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2003


The material itself is public domain. Only if you were to copy a copy such as a protected website or photocopy a book does anything become an issue. Obviously any attempt to pass the actual text as your own work is impossible and the audio performance had better be good.

oOhers have done some musical takes on Poe poetry I think. best to check out those too.

-- Anonymous, June 16, 2003

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