4.5 HP Quantum Briggs lawnmower engine to a go-kart

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I pulled a 4.5 hp Quantum Briggs & Stratton engine off a lawn mower the other day, pulled the engine off of the mower body, but im wondering about the drive shaft thats coming out, can it be converted to a sprocket type set up for a go kart? i took off all the parts down to the flywheel, but unfortunatley i dont have a removing tool so i have to leave the shaft in. If anyone could tell me where or how i can attach the drive shaft to a great sprocket setup i would really appreciate it. Also, the engine isnt giving off spark, i cleaned up the spark plug with fine sand paper, but its not giving off spark. Tons of compression, pushes my finger away easily. I think the problem MIGHT be that i put some WD-40 around the flywheel because it was running really roughly, realized what a stupid idea it was after i put the covers back on, and cleaned it off the magnets on the flywheel itself, but i think the ignition setup might have some on it still. I'll take a look at it later and see if i can take the ignitor off and clean it, any ideas would be appreciated.

-- Wade Curtis (sil3nc3@hotmail.com), June 16, 2003


i also wanted to no how to put a lawnmower engine on a gokart frame and how to hook it to the axel...if u can tell me how e-mail me plz...thanks a bunch

-- Daniel Wurthmann (Worthless_fatback112003@yahoo.com), July 27, 2003.

I am also looking to convert a vertical shaft mower to a gokart. I saw on running in the late 70's / early 80's so I assume it's possible through some sort of rigging. I don't understand why the shaft can't be vertical and then somehow rigged for horizontal output. Seems simple enough on paper but apparently it isn't. Any ideas?

-- David Como (Zilka.ND@forces.ca), January 12, 2004.

you need a gearbox

-- none (none@none.com), February 25, 2004.

to get the flywheel of take the head cap off and stuff a rag in the cylinder. Then put the head cap back on and carefully use a hammer or screwdriver to get the flywheel off. Clean the contacts of the points under the flywheel.

-- (fluffy8816@yahoo.com), March 17, 2004.

i got a question how do i get a vertical shaft lawn mower (Briggs and Stratton 6.0 HP) to act as a horizontal because you can not run it on its side so im lost. i have a couple ideas but they wouldnt last cheers mate brent

-- brent (original_exzact@hotmail.com), April 04, 2004.

Somebody just explain how to convert a mower engine onto a go-kart frame. Does anyone know at all? Either yes or no, no other comments necessary. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Jigga Jay (atc23320@yahoo.com), June 24, 2004.

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