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hi everyone. i am new to making and playin vcd , so bear with me please. I have just converted an AVI file to MPEG using TMPGenc , so i can make a VCD with it. When i play this new MPEG file on my computor using win media player the film is fine, but when it is converted into a vcd ( using easy cd creator 5 )and then play it on my dvd player , the audio slightly out of sync ( just a fraction too fast ). Is this because of my DVD player ( which is a very cheap one ), or is it because of my writer software, or something entirely different. And how can i correct this problem. Any help would be great. Many thanks in advance, neil.

-- neil wallace (, June 15, 2003


it is in the conversion...the settings need to be changed

-- (, June 15, 2003.

Try only converting the video with TMPGenc. TMPGenc is a very good program for video, but it does a lousy job with audio. Use a program such as BeSweet ( to convert your audio. I should warn you that sometimes it is simply your DVD player when you have this kind of problem, but it's worth trying to use BeSweet to see if that fixes it. When you play it on your PC, is it out of sync? If not, it most likely is your DVD player. I really don't recommend using TMPGenc for audio conversion, so learning to use BeSweet could be useful to you for future conversions.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), June 16, 2003.

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