What can we do about the gang problem?

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Many years ago when i lived in New York City, I worked with the police department with gangs on the lower east side of NYC. I developed a drama program and went into the projects to work with the kids. One of the things, I saw over and over was that when kids are presented with something good that raises their self esteem they will go for the good. I was a high school drop out mysef and angry as a teenager, instead of joining a gang I joined the nation of islam. They actively recruited me. My best friend was Methodist and her pastor and youth group came and literally got me. It saved my life. I finished high school because of the church.

I have been reading news report from across the country regarding gangs becoming more prevalent in other parts of the country. I do believe there is a lot the AME church can do to stop this increase. Are you seeing more gang activity and what can we as a church do about it?

-- Anonymous, June 14, 2003

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