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I have made quite a few vcd and svcd's but I have a bunch that are over 600 megs in avi and when I try to split it up with EASY VIDEO SPLITTER it still works in avi but then when converted to mpeg it plays with no sound! I dont think its the splitter as I split a bunch with the same splitter and each half worked well after being converted with TMPGEnc! I dont know much about setting up the matrix or much else really but it seems the ones I have to split into more than 2 pieces dont work,the video looks fine but no sound at all even though the pieces work while still in AVI format! Please help with this its driving me nuts I have a bunch of movies and the best ones I cant do!

-- Thomas D SLOAN (, June 13, 2003


I know that some people like to edit in AVI format, but I don't. The MPEG2VCR product from Womble ( is now, I think, $125 and it edits MPEG-1/2 video and audio (no MP3 audio support though). It's a terrific program and well worth the money. You should be able to download a demo copy of the MPEG-1 only version (MPEGVCR) and see if you like it. If you don't want to spend $125, just remember that some of us paid $250 for it at one time, so $125 is definitely a bargain. The audio problem could also be a TMPGenc issue though, so investigate that as well. TMPGenc is notorious for having problems converting some kinds of audio. I recommend you only convert video with TMPGenc and use something like BeSweet ( to do audio conversions, then multiplex the final video and audio files together.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), June 13, 2003.

You can use Unlead DVD Movie Factory It's great for editing your mpeg files. It split your movie with no sound lost. You can download it from CDnet or or just do a search for it. It'a 30-day trail, but you can get a crack for it...:)

-- Midnight Fire (, September 04, 2003.

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