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I live in a Labour electorate. Is there any point in writing to my federal member to complain about the behaviour and motives of Minister Alston? Is there any point in writing to Alston direct? Is there a clear best strategy for letter writing? All thoughts welcome!

tony h

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003


G'day Tony,

I would say it is worthwhile writing and passing on your thoughts to the Minister. It is important that the Minister understands how we as citizens of this country feel about our National Broadcaster. You no doubt have some criticisms of the Minister's dealing with the ABC but I would also suggest pointing out in any correspondance the benefits to us all if the ABC's funding were increased at the next available opportunity.

I think its important that we keep pressuring the Government for increased funding (funding which is now very much overdue). For this reason I believe it is also worth writing to your local (Labor) member. That way you can see where they stand.


-- Anonymous, August 03, 2003

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