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One of the things that we on the A.M.E. Herald staff want to do is create avenues for the exchanging of ideas and resources for our denomination. We have a forum for exchanging of ideas, and also a place to support one another. Someone has started a forum for YPD. He/She is 19 years old. I invite YPD's and other interested parties to share your thoughts with this person and among yourself. One has to register to use the forum. But it is neat. Please go to

If anyone would like to view the AME Herald a weekly news publication with news of our denomination go to



-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003


OOps the above address for the A.M.E. Herald should be

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

There is also another YPD forum - The Ujima Caucus Message Center located at

Both discussion forums raise issues that need to be addressed. I realize that neither forum is "official", but it seems like we're all interested in the same outcomes for young people and our church in general.

God has a plan -- do we?

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2003

The web address listed above does not work. When I went to the page it stated the url was not on that page.

In regards to the A.M.E. Herald forums, the A.M.E. Herald is not an official organ of the A.M.E church but is a weekly news publication featuring the news of our denomination. We do not receive money for this endeavor and all of us are volunteers.

The forums are place where I hope people can share ideas and resources. That is one of my dreams for the forum.

The A.M.E. Herald has the full support of my prelate Bishop Bryant and most of the Bishops have been contacted about this enterprise.

With the death of Rev. Fisher it seemed important to continue a ministry where news would be shared with members of our denomination.

I am not familiar with the ujima caucus and do not feel that the Herald forum in in competition. Actually a YPD posted a post and I let this board know it was up.

The A.M.E. Herald goal is to provide an internet ministry to our membership. I thank everyone for their tremendous support! We have had over 16,000 visitors in less than three months.

-- Anonymous, July 16, 2003

Sorry about the Ujima address. I pulled it up at

You have to search around the site (What's New) for the discussion board.

I didn't mean to suggest that there's a competition. I think we could all learn from each.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2003

Eva, thanks I will check it out again. I know where your heart is because you are my sister. Thanks for letting the board know about the site.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2003

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