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The more I look at the headlines about the crisis in the mideast, the more I understand Jesus' message. One has to love his enemies. It is so very hard to do, but when I look at the results of hate, I get a good look at pure, unadulterated evil. Going "tit for tat" is possitively insane. A suicide bomber kills, then the government retaliates, and vice versa. When does the madness end, when everyone is engaged in full war or when the last person has drawn his breadth? Who truly believes Christ's message?

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003



This was the initial objection many of us made when our own country was headed to war. Although we call ourselves Christians we have yet to hear and follow Christ. God forbid He said, "Resist not evil" which some modern English translations now even attempt to reword or explain away.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

Sister I believe his message. The history of this conflict is so deep and so old that I do not believe there will ever be peace. Forget the "Roadmap" These terrorist believe in jungle warfare. I maintain what I have posted before. Just killing people because you don't like them or you have been trained and conditioned to is wrong. The only way some semblance of peace has started in Ireland is because people could agree on one thing. They had an understanding of each others differences but could agree that life was more important. The roadmap to peace will never have credibility when Muslims see their brother slaughtered by smart bombs on t.v. someone needs to reach out. That was the hallmark of Jesus. He was never afraid to reach out and neither should we.

God Bless You Sister Mary for both our your post.May God bless all of us on this board family.

Love Always from Bermuda

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

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