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God Bless You all

Can someone give me the correct resolution to this problem.

There is a young adult in the church. He has been a YPD and Youth Lay member all his life. His first year of college, he is the acting president of the indianapolis area, but because he is going to school out of the state, he cannot finish even half his term. the next year, he plans on going back out of state so it is offered that he could become as an advisor for YPD and YLO or that year. However, he ends up staying in state and goes on to complete his year as an advisor, but he wants to be a YPD and YLO member again because that is where he feels he will have the largest positive impact. Over his year as an advisor, he is not consulted on any decisions only to work. He feels as a local, area, or district (to start small and build) president or vice-president he can take part in more decision making and idea forming.

With that being said, Is it written anywhere in the disciple or any other rule that one UNDER THE AGE OF 26 cannot hold any office of YPD or YLO if they serve anytime as an advisor. Basically, can he hold office after this confernce year is up.

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

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