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Just got my first Vivitar and had everything ready to go. Loaded batteries, film, turned it on, looked at the slide, put the slide in...NO READY LIGHT. The viewer light wors, the TIMER light works..I tried to expose but NO FLASH. and NO READY LIGHT. Any suggestions? This is SO frustrating. Thanks, Judy

-- judy tillinger (, June 11, 2003


Hi Judy,

I wish I could help but the exact thing happened to me tonight! I purchased the unit on ebay a few weeks ago. Appearance-wise it looked great and tonight when I was ready to go it was no go. It seems that the metal slide tray (cropping mask) is missing and apparently without this part the strobe won't flash and the shutter won't open. I am trying to contact the seller and am asking for advice from a few people in the "know". If I find out anything positive I will post a reply. Good luck. I'm sure you are as aggravated as I am!


-- Gail Hammer (, July 24, 2003.

I just started this, and did a workshop with a person very experienced at this process. He explained that the Vivitar slide printer has a small button at the back of the slot where you stick the slide. If the button isn't in contact with the slide, then the ready light won't turn on and the flash won't fire. This is supposed to help prevent accidentally exposing the film when there is no slide loaded. The slide carrier that comes with the printer helps ensure that the slide comes in contact with the button. You can also firmly press the slide into the slot without the carrier. I noticed the ready light on my vivitar didn't come on unless the slide was firmly pushed into place. I have a slide carrier but do not use it.

Good luck. -Chris

-- Chris Anderson (, August 13, 2003.

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