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my basic set up is an nice iMav DV SE, and a crappy old pc with a burner i'm editing a movie in iMovie on the mac and wanting to burn it to vcd on the pc after problem is encoding on the pc is probably gonna take 20 years, if i leave the encoding to nero - but exporting the movie from iMovie would be a lot quicker so the question is basically, what is the exact format of the mpegs on a vcd? and (how) can the movie be exported/converted manually on the mac then just burnt on the pc?

cheers -karl

-- karl (, June 11, 2003

Answers has a description of the format of VCD. Basically, it's MPEG-1 video with a constant video bit rate of 1115 Kbps and a constant audio bit rate of 224 Kbps. Frame rates and resolution are NTSC - 29 fps 352x240, PAL - 25 fps 352x280. Just produce a valid MPEG-1 file for VCD on the Mac, move it to the PC, burn with Nero and you're done. Encoding with Nero is ALWAYS a bad idea. Nero's encoder is terrible, but Nero is fine burning.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), June 13, 2003.

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