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Hi everybody, Though I have been following the news on the forum, this is my first time contributing to it.

This summer I'll be travelling to Europe for a Field Study Program run by York. It's called "Teaching for the Future" and is a Holocaust Education Program. A group of about 12 from York will be going to Germany and Poland and working with a group of 13 students from those countries. I'm very excited. Since I lived in Germany as a child, I'm eager to return and see it again. Now I wish I had taken the German course with Paul ;)

Having been admitted into the Education program last year, I was unable to maintain my double major in music and psych and dropped to just music and education. Fortunately, my second teachable is math and I'll hopefully be teaching stats to highschool students in the GTA.

Everyone on the forum seems to have many interesting and exciting things happening in their lives and wish you all much success in your future endeavours.

Till we chat again,

Hema Selliah

(staying far away from Yonge st ;)

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2003

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