Underwater housing for Canon G3 & G5

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Is Canon ever going to meeting it's customer needs or suggestions?? Have been waiting for an underwater housing for the G3 and now the new G5 is going to be launched!! Apparently, Canon has offered housings for all the Powershot models, including the older G1 & G2. So, why not offer one for the G3 and the new upcoming G5?? Moreover, it looks like the G3 body shape is here to stay, hence the new G5.

I have recently visited a US Canon forum website, where similar remarks have been made by many other dissatisfied G3 owners. Still, not a single action has been taken by Canon. Sad move and might prove to be a bad move on Canon's part... GET THE MESSAGE YET CANON?????

-- Mikko (worldfishes@yahoo.com), June 10, 2003


I agree whole heartedly. Now I am using a Sony DSC-85 which works well, but recently I`ve been considering moving up to the 5 megapixel level with Canon`s newly released G5. I was committed to buying the G5 because I have a portable Canon Pixus 50i printer and the G5 allows me to print directly from the camera to the printer without a computer, HOWEVER, that was until I was in the store to purchase it when I saw the Olympus C5050 AND underwater housing case for $169!! I put my VISA card back in my wallet and left the store to think about which I am going to purchase. I still havent decided, however I am leaning in the direction of the Olympus. In general, most underwater camera cases such as those made by Sea and Sea and the like cost over $1,000. If this isnt a wake up call for Canon, then I don`t know what is. It`s time for Canon to smell the coffee.

-- David (tommyguitars@yahoo.com), July 05, 2003.

Hey, I too have been waiting for them to do something about this and all but gave up on getting a underwater case then I stumbled upon this wesite. www.ikelite.com/web_pages/5can_g3.html They have a case for both but it cost's $750.00!!! Anyway lets just keep emailing Canon in the hope of persuading them! Nick

-- Nick Stacey (Nickstacey2003@aol.com), July 10, 2003.

I forgot to include this site also, a much cheaper alternative but maybe not as safe !!! I may try it out as I really want to start using my camera out in the water. i will let you know. Nick www.ewa-marine.de/Camera/English/c-canon.htm

-- Nick Stacey (Nickstacey2003@aol.com), July 10, 2003.

Fully agree. I recently purchased a G5 and now want an underwater housing without paying a million dollars. I'm not real impressed with the EWA range however, they are a reasonable alternative. What is an email address for Canon so I can join the line and put some heat on them. I'm unable to find an email address for canon.

-- Trevor Kapel (trevor.kapel@hi.riotinto.com.au), July 17, 2003.

Ikelite has recently said that its underwaterhousing for the G3 will work on the G5, but I agree, I wish Canon would make one.

-- Chan (chanman9198@aol.com), July 24, 2003.

I recently sent Canon an email asking if and when they will have an underwater housing for the G3 and I did not receive anything in response.

-- Dorothy (dorcia1@ameritech.net), October 06, 2003.

I can appreciate people wanting a housing for the camera - I'd like one too, but the fact is it would be a fairly difficult camera to make a reasonable housing for. The problem stems from the very long Wide Angle adaptor which needs to be accomodated to get a decent angle of view underwater. Making a basic housing with a flat port and the standard lens is going to result in a 'wide angle' of about 50 mm - horrible! I'm in the middle of building a housing which will handle the wide adaptor which should make it a reasonable little camera rig. Having said that, I have read about wide angle 'wet' attachments which can simply clip on the front of the standard port - that might be another option but I have no idea whtether they're any good - and they seemed expensive.



-- Kim Kohen (kim@webguide.com.au), October 11, 2003.

July 2004, has Canon made one yet?

-- Matt Q.L (none@donttry.com), July 18, 2004.

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