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could you tell me how to build a go cart with a lawn mower engine

-- drew charles gough (, June 08, 2003


Your cart will be long. the seat about midship. Engine behind you with both pullys. use a lawn tractor rearend too with a top pully drive. have a pully on a movable arm (clutch) hook a peddle to the arm with a rod and spring. got the idea???? so u will have 3 foot peds.. fuel tank on roll cage for gravity feed. the engine will need to be adjusted to match the highth of the pully on the rear end. I used that large pully as a drive instead of the small one like the tractor uses. this will increase your speed. drive it just like a stck shift car.. the only problem is, max speed is only determined by the ratios of the pullys and rearend. I had a little trouble routing the gear shifter that ended up behind the drivers seat-- IT WILL PULL A FREEKIN HOUSE!! and be speedy enough too. i used rear tires all the way around.. if you want a pic of mine, send me a email and i will reply with a photo. its great it will creap or fly depending on the gear.

-- dave (, June 13, 2003.

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