$How much is a first ed. of poems worth?

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I have a first ed.(Astor Library)of collected poems by Poe. How much is this worth?

-- Anonymous, June 08, 2003


You need to specify a copyright date for the edition. If it is one of the many editions printed after his death (Oct. 1849), the value is minimal.

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2003

I have a version of the Gold Bug which has no copyright date? How do I find out?

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2003

Tamerlane and Other Poems, which was published ??? (search online, I found it but never wrote it down)... that was published and is worth up to $200,000. Hey, if you sell it, remember me... cause I told you how much it was worth and... well, uh... I could use some extra cash!!

-- Anonymous, January 13, 2004

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