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Iam still in the process of basic video editing using Vegas 4.0 which I find more user-friendly the premier. I just wanted to know from which point do you have to set you standard format of making a VCD? In vegas4.0 before capturing my movies from my DV videocam (which is PAL, it already ask for standard format (i.e PAL,PAL DV, PAL Video CD,NTSC, NTSC DV ,NTSC Video CD and so on). If iam intending to do a PAL VCD in the end & burned it with VCDeasy, at which point do I really have to set my template in standard format to be able to have PAL VCD. At the moment, all my d/loaded movies (in .avi files) is in PAL DV format while editing thru vegas 4.0. Then, I will encode it using TMPGenc+ Do I already have to set it in Vegas 4.0 as PAL VCD or in TMPGenc? Its quite confusing because everytime you open another program they ask for the template. Thanks for those who can share their knowledge 'bout this.

-- Mel Torres (, June 08, 2003

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