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Hi I have a bunch of vcds and want to use some sort of software to take my favorite tracks from each of them and burn them all in one vcd. I have all the neccesary hardware,, but cannot find a software that will do this for me,,,

thanks E

-- Eva Lau (, June 08, 2003


copy all those tracks to your HDD in some subdirectory. convert all those .DAT files (in your VCD MPEGAV directory) to .MPG using VCD GEAR (or some other DAT to MPG conversion software). write those MPGs using NERO or any other CD writing software using Video CD option in the CD writing dialog. select the MPG files you want & BURN.

-- vijayaraghavan (, June 09, 2003.

Is there any Dat to Mpeg Converters for the mac??

-- Eva L (, June 12, 2003.

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