DVD+R won't play on other DVD players

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I've created a video and burned it to a DVD+R. It plays in the DVD burner, but will not play in other DVD players. What am I doing wrong? I was told not to go the VCD route.

-- Debbi Ball (bwball@caprock-spur.com), June 07, 2003


I have had the same problem too, i found i was putting the data rate to high i now use about 4000kb/s i found it works in all dvd-r capatable players maybe that is what you are doin wrong

Hope this Helps

-- joe dotcom (ed@lycos.co.uk), June 08, 2003.

I'm not saying that the response you got is wrong, but bit rate shouldn't be a problem with burnable DVD. DVD players should support anything up to about 9900 Kbps. I suppose you could try a lower bit rate and see if helps. Also, some DVD players, especially older models, don't support burnable DVD very well. You can check http://www.vcdhelp.com and look at the DVD Player Compatibility List. It is possible that the players you tested simply don't like DVD+R. Then again, we don't know how you made the disk, so it could also be a problem with that. Finally, it could be your media. I have noticed that my Apex, which is a few years old, plays most brands of DVD+R or DVD-R fine BUT if I use DVDXCOPY to copy a DVD, I must without exception use either Fuji DVD+R or Verbatim DVD-R. DVDXCOPY does some weird stuff to DVD copies and if I don't use either Fuji or Verbatim on these copies, they won't play at all in my Apex. If you're using DVDXCOPY, be aware of this issue.

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), June 09, 2003.

If it plays in your DVD burner then i would conclude that the DVD players you are trying to play the DVD+R in does not support the DVD+ format. The DVD-R format is a universal format adopted by virtually all DVD player because is was the first format to come out. The DVD+R burns the information in different sectors of the disk which is unrecognizable to older DVD players. The industry has rapidly started to adapt DVD+ format to the players so if you buy a new dvd play it should have no problem. I would recommend switching over to DVD-R disks and save you and everyone the stress and money of upgrading their player to play home made movies.


-- Danny (bigbird858@hotmail.com), February 17, 2005.

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