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Sisters and Brothers, Our theme for Penticost is let the fire fall. An awesome anointing has fallen over our congregation.God is in the house and a testimony was given tonight about how a women who everyone thought was dead, she was cold already was prayer to life.This is the first time something as awesome has happened to us. Some may say we mad, let them say so ,we are truly madly inlove with Jesus. My son came home from school, excited, he said that he was asked to preach for 5 minutes and would receive 50 merits,he preached.I asked him what text he used, he said "I preached the Word, not the text."I asked him what he preached he said" I preached what you preach" flinging his hands in the air and shouting "HALLELUJA".Now it might raise your eyebrows but he is only 7 years old.I thank God that my little boy can repeat what I say.

Penticost is truly in the air.THANK GOD

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2003


i know that God's anointing is being given to the body of Christ everywhere. i feel His awsome power each new day. i give praise to the LORD for miracles like the one discribed in the paragraph above. i know His power is real and no one can change that. Brother Higgins, i believe your son is being called by God to do great things!

-- Anonymous, June 11, 2003

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