will it play on my dvd player?

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does a file have to be converted from watever (like mpeg or avi) to dat. for me to be able to play on a dvd player?

-- (slashdragoon@aol.com), June 06, 2003


Actually you will need to convert your existing movie file ( avi,divx) to a vcd file format( mpeg). Most modern DVD players play vcd files now but you will need to check a dvd compatiblity list. I would recommend www.vcdhelp.com but currently it is down. You can google it and see if you can find a list of dvd players that are available in the market that will play vcd. In order to convert AVI/ DIVX files you will need to use a program like TMPENG. When www.vcdhelp.com comes back online check them out for details on how to do that.

-- Mark (x-box@comcast.net), June 07, 2003.

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