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One of the readers of the AME Herald suggested a Bible Study for the Chat room. After consulting with Robert Matthews and Bill Dickens who are on the staff of the Herald we have decided to try a Bible study next week. It will be tuesday night June 9th. I will give you the scripture reading now. In order to participate you will need to register. And if you have never done a chat before, this would be a fun way to get started. When I lead Bible studies I like to give a history of the book we are studying and to look at the chapter before the one we are going to actually use. We also want to look at how the passage is relevant for our lives today. I use the lectionary readings in my church. The lectionary readings are a collection of scripture that has been assigned to each day of the year. They are put into 3 cycles, A,B,C. We are now in cycle B. We will be using the scripture lesson for pentecost and it will be from the new testament. I hope you will join me and we can learn from each other. I will be using the NIV translation. But use a translation that you are comfortable with. The Bible study will be on.

ACTS 2 verses 1-21

Please register for the chat room early.

TIME 9 P.M. Eastern standard time

*Please adjust your time accordingly, when it is 9 PM EST, it is 7 PM mountain time and 6 PM pacific time. I hope to see you there.

To register please go to

Once there click on "staff&Chat" then click on A.M.E. Herald Chat

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2003

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