why do Mj haters refuse to read mj's side of story from 93

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bottom line is this,if Michael jackson in 2003 still looked like the Mj of 1983 Thriller album,u would give his side of the story more of a chance,when it came to those 1993 accusations,u can deny this all u want,but u know damn well its true. If Michael in 2003 still had that handsome 1983 look,u would give his side of the story a chance,instead of refusing to even read the 1994 GQ article. But since Mj lookes much different,from the surgerys now,u automatically assume he is guilty,your like ooooooooh my gooooood he molested all those kids,he is guilty,look at his face.

Haters,i hope u know anyone can go to police and give a statement,that Smokey Gun statement Jordy Chandler gave to police,all that is,is his side of the story,that doesnt mean Mj really did it. IF statements are automaticlaly true,then i can very easily have my 10 yrs old little brother,go to police right now,and have him lie to police,saying basketball players Michael jordan molested him at the summer basketball camp,since nobody belives in hearing the accusers side of the story.

1994 GQ article...read the article,the SECRETARY for the boys father is the 1 who came out with this,she said the Father mae his son go to police ,and made him say those things,reeeeeeead the boys fathers SECRETARY who worked for the father at his DENTAL office,said the father framed Michael jackson,and that she would have testified against her former boss,if it had gone to trial. If thats not crucial evidents,that potentially proves Michaels innocents,then i dont know what is...SECRETARY for the boys father saying this is very crucial,and its funny,how the media,never brings this up. The father was caught on tape bragging about how he had a plan,that would ruin Michaels career,plus 3 weeks before the charges were filed,Mj refused to give Chandler money for a Movie deal,3 weeks later charges were filed.

1 more thing in 1993 over 500 kids that had visited Neverland ranch,including the kids that had slept in the same room as Michael jackson,McCuley Culkin,and others,all were interviewed by EXPERIENCE DETECTIVES,alllllllllll the kids DEFENDED MJ,saying he did nothing inappropriate,saying Mj was just a big kid. These EXPERIENCE DETECTIVES,tried pressuring these kids in to admitting Mj did something wrong,trying to use psychology with the kids,BUT THEY STILL DEFENDED MICHAEL......

if Mj was really a pedophile,EXPERIENCE DETECTIVES would easily get kids to admit they were molested,THERE ONLY 11 TO 13 YRS OLD, alll the kids still defended Michael with these detectives trying to get them something inappropriate had occuered.

so it comes down to 1 kid only,not multiple kids,that 1 kid father made him lie...FATHERS SECRETARY SAID THIS


-- Anonymous, June 05, 2003


amanda stop

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2003

like she even care's

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2003

you go Kelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm going to Neverland cuz I have brain cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!I love Michael with all my heart

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2003

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