Who is writing Legislation for Gen Con 2004?

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Has anyone decided to prepare and present legislation for the Gen Con 2004? Bob Matthews is the only person on this BB that I know who has completed the necessary steps. I am preparing to present legislation as well. The opportunity to sponsor legislation offers AME members a chance to take a substantive role in the development of our Zion. Coming from a denomination where the laity were deprived of this opportunity makes me even more appreciative of what the AMEC offers. Many of us complain profusely about the problems we face yet when it is time to do something in a constructive manner (like propose legislation), we essentially disappear or remain uncharacteristically silent. I think the deadline for submitting legislation is Jan 2004. This is subject to check. If you are indeed concerned about the future direction of the AMEC I would greatly urge you to take part in this important endeavor. You can download a copy of the form to prepare your legislation by going to the official website for the AMEC at www.ame-church.org. Clement Fugh's office is to be commended for providing this important online service. I pray we do not become complacent and take for granted this rare privilege. QED

-- Anonymous, June 05, 2003

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